Mon Schools Aims Low


The Dominion Post reports today that if Mon Schools would get too much money from an approved levy due to raised property appraisals, then Mon Schools will essentially give some of the money back, not collect it. Plus, Mon Schools is already asking for only 75 percent of the levy amount that it could ask for, by state law.

And then Mon Schools is going to turn around and whine and complain that it cannot hire more badly needed bus drivers because it has no funds.

Note how the Dominion Post dropped that issue like a hot potato as soon as the levy vote came up.

The service workers association AND the teachers association should be screaming for a full levy.

Or are the Associations content to let Mon Schools administration and board boss the workers like they are sharecroppers and treat the students like they are less than even that.

As the Dominion Post noted, much of the levy money would stay local.

Local money stimulates the local economy. It’s good for the whole area, the whole county.

But Mon Schools seems to want to starve the local economy and underfund its employees and students and their activities.

Shame on Mon Schools for not trying to raise more badly needed money. Mon Schools “leadership” is so backwards it hurts. It hurts everyone.

Why not aim high, Mon Schools? For a change. Badly needed.

The rest of the tragi-comedy in the paper today: Mon Schools “hopes” to “refurbish” all the elementary school playgrounds. Now, I wonder why Mon Schools would think to do that or to at least mention it (and laughably not promise to do so but only to “hope”)? Hmm, maybe because anyone with elementary schoolchildren knows the upper administrators have shafted those schoolchildren, regarding Eastwood, Skyview, Mylan Park, and the massive Mountainview and North schools.

No farmer out Mylan Park way needed some extra money gained by swapping a few acres for a new school campus? Instead, Mon Schools had to build the Mylan Park school there on a toxic coal ash dump, by the diesel fumy bus garage? That’s great.

And if the students are going to choke on air pollution and noise pollution at Skyview and Eastwood, by the industrial park and the congested arterial highways and gas stations and vehicle repair shops, well they may do so on “refurbished” playgrounds. How thoughtful. While they’re at it, Mon Schools might want to paint the school buses in bright purple polka dots to make the drivers happier. What a circus.

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