3 To The Hospital In Wreck Near Notorious Eastwood Elementary School Site


The wrecks in the area are a constant. Mon Schools is willing to roll loaded dice with your children by building the new Eastwood Elementary on the Mileground in clear violation of state safety mandates that prohibit new schools being located in entrapping, or high traffic, or congested, or arterial highway zones. And that is exactly, as everyone knows, what the state route 705 “bypass” and the Mileground road (US 119) happen to be, along with their intersection. The 705/119 Eastwood location meets all of these school-banning criteria, and more.

The wreck yesterday caused motorists to be stuck in traffic for two and half hours and longer. Four cars smashed. Three people to the hospital. The arterial highway, route 705, closed.

But the negligent officials at Mon Schools persist in site prep to build a school there. The state should intervene and remove these officials from office, but the state has approved the site and continues to defend in court the site from an ongoing lawsuit.

Are they insane? Do they not care about the well-being of children, and their parents, and the communities? Is this what it has come to in West Virginia? Is this where we build schools now, in unstable commercial high traffic smash and crash polluted death zones? Why does it not seem to matter that these sites are explicitly banned by state mandates?

The local personal injury lawyers should start building their files, now, in anticipation of leveling massive civil and even criminal lawsuits at Mon Schools and the state education agencies, in anticipation of future calamities that fall upon the young schoolchildren, ages 3 to 11.

No wonder most everyone you talk to who happens to mention Eastwood Elementary calls it stupid, or lousy, or wrong, or completely nuts:

September 13, 2011

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