Think You Know What The Impending Disaster Would Look Like?


You can’t see a traffic crash before it happens. You can’t see toxic vehicle exhaust as it seeps through the air and enters a lung. You can’t see gasoline vapors from an as yet to be built gas station poisoning air and lungs. You can’t see a gas explosion and fire before it happens. You can’t see a huge congested roundabout intersection up in the field by the school near the front doors before it is built. No one knows, not even the West Virginia Division of Highways what will work and what will not, at first or in the future. No one knows to what extreme traffic will increase, except that it will and by a lot. You can’t see the dangers, damages, hazards, and potentially lethal conditions impending but you can know with certainty that they would exist and that this would be unlawful, wrong, and potentially lethal for any school children in that area.

The nearby alternate sites for a school or schools are stable and knowable and safe. You can see it, and you can know it.

Should schoolchildren be asked to pay with their health and their lives for a school located where the school officials prefer to locate it, in violation, no less, of state mandates? How dare these officials?

The traffic will increase, the pollution will increase, the traffic crashes will increase – the DOH study shows – congestion will not be eliminated, commercial or industrial development will increase, other hazards will increase, such as speed of traffic. The blaring emergency sirens to and from the nearby hospitals on the highways engulfing the schools will be a constant. The dangers will increase, and soon. This is known. But no one can see now what it will look like. It won’t be pretty. It won’t be right. Not for any school sited there in blatant and flagrant violation of state safety mandates and sheer common sense, let alone compassion.

Think you can see what the impending disaster would look like? Think again. You can’t see it yet. No one can see the storm before it hits, but sometimes you can smell it, and you can have the knowledge that it is coming. What can be known, in this situation, is that the Eastwood Mileground disaster is fully scheduled and on track to arrive. And it will arrive, absent decisive West Virginia Supreme Court intervention.




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