The Dominion Post Editorializes Against County Commissioner Bloom


There are few things in life more stupid or small-minded than certain editorials by Morgantown’s Dominion Post newspaper. The Dumb Post editorial has been Morgantown’s special embarrassment for many years now. Petty, asinine, ignorant, shallow, oblivious, hypocritical, and wrong – these attributes are no stranger to Dominion Post editorials, and are on fine display in its petulant and slap-happy hissy fit thrown today – “Why not have it your way?” – against County Commissioner Tom Bloom, and the other commissioners.

“Newspaper? What newspaper?” said one of Morgantown’s better attorneys when asked if he reads the Dominion Post. And when he might read it, it’s certainly not for the standing city joke that makes up the ill-thought and pathetic tantrums too often appearing as editorials of the Dumb Post.

The bizarre spasms posing as editorial in today’s DP are especially crass, wrong, and pathetic even by the DP’s low standards. The editorial’s claims are by turns hysterical, slavish, and false, and ultimately hilarious, as the editorial buffoonishly tries to turn a molehill into a mountain with its warped silver teaspoon. Did the DP pen a mock editorial, great farce? Comically, no. Laughably, the DP is “appalled” by Commissioner Tom Bloom and his fellow commissioners because they had the temerity to change their regularly scheduled meeting time from morning to afternoon for practical reasons, and because the commissioners dared make a related request for flexibility from a non-elected public official, BOE Superintendent Frank Devono, who himself has not only made countless requests from public bodies and officials but has received countless concessions, special assistance, benefits, and mutually advantageous changes of all sorts in favor of BOE employees, officials, and studentseven sometimes at significant cost to the public entities to which Devono and the BOE regularly appeal.

Superintendent Devono would be wise to see the Dumb Post editorial for the junk that it is, and to consider to what extent the County Commission has accommodated the school system in the past, and to what extent the Commission might make special efforts to do so in the future. It would be supremely foolish of Superintendent Devono to decline to engage in sensible and even mutually advantageous efforts with Bloom and the other commissioners, by way of his office and on behalf of the BOE and the public in general. Only an extremely shortsighted and perhaps tyrannical idiot would want to render conditions especially difficult for a BOE employee who has now been elected to an office such as County Commissioner. Shortsighted, tyrannical, idiotic, delirious – that basically captures the grotesque tone of the DP editorial.

That this DP editorial is an asinine, disturbing, and moronic joke of a broadside is obvious at first glance. And yet in a subsequent post here, it should prove worthwhile to take a look in greater detail to see ever more exactly how repellent and bogus is this Dominion Post diatribe, in one lousy specific after another.

[Update: The petulant little children who write the most idiotic editorials for the Dominion Post are back at it again on March 8, 2013. For another pathetic joke of commentary, read it for a laugh at how the DP is driven crazy by a good public official.]

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