The Dominion Post Rides, Again, From Outer Space


All hail the boss! Heil!

That’s the slavish, repugnant position of the Domion Post editorial (1/6/13) against County Commissioner Bloom and the other Commissioners. The DP strongly implies that a person should only work a second job with “primary boss approval” which is the mentality of an enslaved mind and of a degraded and subservient morality. In other words, it’s the mentality of tyranny, which the DP seems very comfortable with in its demented editorial against Commissioner Bloom.

The DP editorial continues in its sick way, whining in sheer ignorance:

“Has anyone’s second employer ever changed the time they operate to accommodate them?”

and then snidely, like a despised boss, and cluelessly, like an idiot, concluding

“Didn’t think so…”

This asinine imbecility by the DP refers to the decision of the County Commissioners, of whom Bloom is one of three, to move the Commission’s official meeting time from morning to afternoon, presumably so that Bloom can attend Commission meetings after leaving work at Morgantown High School. News flash to the DP: many second employers (if the County Commission can even be considered secondary rather than co-primary) OFTEN change their hours to accommodate desired and valuable workers who work other jobs. No wonder the DP too often produces such a low quality product, given that its editorialists cannot conceive that even any employer, committee, or board sensibly and gladly makes such adjustments. Reality goes one way, the Dominion Post goes another. The result is bs.

Obviously the DP could desperately use some quality “second” (and primary or dual) job workers itself – especially editors and managers – not least to improve the bottom barrel mentality on display in its broken and debased editorials.

The fact is, Commissioner Bloom and his fellow Commissioners set the County Commission meeting times, not some other “employer” whoever that might be. Setting meeting times is the responsibility of Bloom and his fellow Commissioners who made a sensible and responsible change. Somehow the DP can’t see that. Or does not want to. Sight and reason obliterated by clownish base tantrums.

As if drunk, all too typically inebriated, the DP editorial, apparently intoxicated on its own insanity, becomes ever more unhinged less than halfway through:

“Bloom is unable to attend regular commission meetings due to a conflict. He has a job as a guidance counselor at Morgantown High that prevents him from attending commission meetings. Our first [sic] question, and we assume others’, is why didn’t he make arrangements or acknowledge this problem before now.”

Which is beyond laughable. The oh-so-immense problem was solved quickly and easily by merely changing the regular meeting time. A triviality. What a specious and mendacious editorial the DP published. In its transparent malignancy and lacking all sense, the editorial has no credibility, no intelligence, no character. It’s despicable, on the one hand, and remarkably ludicrous on the other. One would hesitate to clean up dog shit with this editorial out of respect for the shit, out of concern for contaminating it with the vile toxins spewing forth from the DP.

The DP editorial compounds its authoritarian-worshipping servility and its loopy idiocy by chastising Bloom for not appealing to Mon Schools’ top administrative official, Superintendent Devono, in requesting scheduling flexibility, which Bloom’s “immediate supervisor” reportedly had informed Bloom would be denied and was therefore pointless to request. Moreover, there was no reason, none, to think that the County Commission meeting time could not be and would not be reasonably and readily changed, as needed. Exactly as it was.

So now, we have have worked a bit more than halfway through the DP’s disturbed editorial. Is there any need to continue to dissect the pitiable beast? It would be like carving up a corpse when the thing is already six feet under.

The DP editorial is committed to being so maniacally incensed at Commissioner Bloom and so utterly slavish to authority, to a destructive and mindless concept of authority, that it flies far from sense, far from the human five senses, far from planet Earth itself. We are left with some alien monstrosity. The DP’s editorial sensibility is like that of a half-baked, baneful brigand from the Galaxy of the Rank.

One may wait for the alien beast to rise again from the grave, as a subsequent DP editorial, like some crazed monster invader in a grade F horror flick. Good for a few laughs at best.

There is every reason to expect that Commissioner Bloom can work things out as need be with the County Commission. Bloom is widely known for having the energy of three people. So far so good.

And the DP is widely known for what? Editorial miasma. Call in the decontamination teams. The wretched beast has proven prone to belch at any time.

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