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This morning, WAJR broadcast incorrect information about the distance between the forthcoming Mileground roundabout and the location of the new Eastwood Elementary. The roundabout will not be “a few hundred yards from Eastwood Elementary.” See the WV Division of Highways (DOH) map section below.

The outside lane of the roundabout  – which is the sensible measure, widely used in these matters – will be a few hundred FEET from the FRONT DOORS of the school, that is, less than 500 feet, about 160 yards, which is a far cry from “several hundred yards” that WAJR broadcast. And this outside lane will be a mere 450 feet or less from the pre-k & kindergarten wing of the school building – about 150 yards, at least half as far as WAJR broadcast, and did not subsequently correct, using the wrong unit of measure. This distance from the outer traffic lane of the roundabout to the school is a few hundred feet, not yards, and this information has been known and has been made readily available by government agencies (and this website, etc) for about 3 years now. In fact, even the very center of the roundabout is to be less than 550 feet from the school building, about 180 yards, again a far cry from “several hundred yards” wrongly broadcast.

Eastwood Principal DeAnn Hartshorn recently announced on behalf of Mon Schools that the first day of class for students at Eastwood Elementary is scheduled to be April 3rd – a mere seven weeks before the last day of school this year. This is a very risky and stupid plan in the teeth of the ongoing major highways construction. (Meanwhile, Mon Schools is planning to begin moving in school materials in March.)

Principal Hartshorn announced that Eastwood Elementary school times will begin and end 45 minutes earlier than the current schedule at Woodburn Elementary: “Doors will open to students at 8:00” right in the middle of rush hour “with an Instructional Time of 8:15-2:50 dismissal time” at one of the afternoon peaks of rush hour. Additionally: “Kidematics, a before and after school care program, will be available.”

Hopefully WAJR will not announce that school start time will be 8 pm and school release time will be 2:50 am, though going with such a middle of the night schedule would probably be safer and more convenient for everyone involved rather than proceeding with Mon Schools’ idiotic and dangerous plan, which is not fit to see the light of day.

DOH map of roundabout and Eastwood El

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