Disaster on the Mileground


Another vehicle smash-up on the Mileground today by the impending Eastwood Elementary site. How many collisions will it take before Mon Schools is forced to its senses?

Mon Schools doesn’t know what it has gotten itself into in shoving a school into that disaster zone.

Mon Schools should start planning and calculating for criminal liability, prison terms for school officials, and massive civil liability expenses – taxpayer money by the millions – due to any students that may be injured, seriously injured, or killed in that danger zone.

Personal injury lawyers would drop like a bomb in court the state policy that bans new schools not “located away from hazards and undesirable environments, such as…arterial highways, heavily traveled streets, traffic and congestion…[and/or] situations where a combination of factors such as those presented above could contribute to the possibility of human entrapment” among other banned hazards that Eastwood students would be exposed to on the Mileground.

From our Zone of Death post:

Mon Schools in complete negligence is going full throttle in siting a school on the most dangerous highway in the entire region, even though not a single student in the Eastwood catchment lives on or near that highway, that deathway, Route 705.

“433 wrecks, 30 weeks, 8 sites” – first 30 weeks of 2010:

Except for the very few children who live on or just off the Mileground, not a single child who attends Easton or Woodburn Elementary would have to ever risk the traffic dangers and pollution damages of either the Mileground road or Route 705 if not for the horrible arterial intersection Eastwood school site.

But because Mon Schools in all its flagrant disregard for the health and safety and well-being of the schoolchildren of Easton and Woodburn is trying to site the combined Eastwood school at the intersection of Route 705 and the Mileground (US 119), several hundred young children, ages 3 to 11, will be exposed to the dangers and damages of those highways, their intersection, and the air-polluted school site every single school day, at least twice per day…4 times per day if they go out and come back for a field trip…6 times per day if they return after school for a play, a practice, a meeting, or other event. That’s about a quarter million exposures per school year, of young children to terrible Mon-Schools-imposed dangers and damages.

A school sited on the existing Woodburn schoolgrounds would never expose the schoolchildren to Route 705 or to the 705/Mileground intersection. Never. Not even for students attending from the direction of Easton.

And if a second school were built for the students of Easton, perhaps on land the school district already owns at the UHS site or elsewhere in the Easton catchment, then a couple more congested intersections would be removed from many young children’s daily lives.

But Mon Schools by pushing relentlessly for the Eastwood Mileground site has shown itself to be entirely determined to, at best, risk your children’s lives in that zone of death on those deadly roads, at those deadly intersections. And Mon Schools is doing so at appalling expensepaying topcommercial rates for the substandard sewage dump that is the undermined Mileground menace of a site.

File:School sign US.svg

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