Mileground Road Closed By Wreck


The Dominion Post reports today that at 3:26 pm yesterday, when Monongalia County schools were letting out, a wreck forced the closure of the Mileground Road.

A few minutes earlier a truck overturned on I-79 spilling a chemical. That and other kinds of trucks carrying hazardous materials could likely be using the Mileground Road frequently when it is expanded to 4 lanes in a few years, if the trucks aren’t already. And more big trucks will be using the Eastwood 705/119 Mileground intersection if the two new truck and commuter routes are added to that vortex as currently prioritized by the Greater Morgantown MPO: the Falling Run Corridor and the Inner Loop Connector. Then there is the impending opening of the nearby industrial park by the airport. There is also the impending opening of the Mon-Fayette expressway, which originates (or ends) near the area.

And Scheetz has schematically designed a gas station to go in at the armory, right next to the would-be Eastwood school building. Sheetz has even asked Mon Schools to allow its gas station customers to share the school drive. Gas stations are toxic and dangerous every hour of every day of every week. This would be the fourth gas station on the Mileground within a few hundred meters of the Eastwood site. And WVU intends to build a hydrogen bus fueling station a few hundred meters from the school site as well, on the Morgantown end of the Mileground.

You see, that is what happens in major commuter corridors and especially in unstable commercial and industrial areas: major commercial and industrial development, major traffic accidents, chemical spills, and other threatening growth and “incidents.”

And that is why mandates forbid the building of new schools in West Virginia near such hazards. Because it’s not safe. It is especially not safe for hundreds of children 3 to 11 years old massed together at one intersection at the nexus of all these hazards: the Eastwood Mileground site.

Somehow Superintendent Frank Devono and the five members of the Mon Schools board don’t understand that: President Barbara Parsons, Vice President Joe Statler, Mike Kelly, Clarence Harvey, and Nancy Walker. They don’t get the dangers. They don’t respect the mandates. And they thereby are failing to care for the children. They think the Eastwood Mileground site is the best school site available. Here they are:

Is it not long since time that they all volunteered to work HazMat patrol on the Mileground around Eastwood Elementary? Or maybe the school uniform for the students could be a HazMat suit. Hundreds of bright yellow little HazMat suits. HazMat Elementary.

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