Asinine: The Monongalia County Board Of Education


The Monongalia County Board of Education (BOE) has demonstrated time and again that it is doing everything possible to prevent one of its employees, high school counselor Tom Bloom, from readily serving as an elected public official, county commissioner.

The BOE has blocked Bloom from taking “unpaid half days” leave to miss a mere 90 minutes of work per week – 60 minutes per week if Bloom works through lunch, which he has said he is willing to do. This is the scummy and indefensible level at which the BOE operates in its rotten and destructive attempt to prevent Tom Bloom from attending the weekly County Commission meeting, where Bloom serves as one of three elected County Commissioners. Those 60 minutes per week away from the high school could easily be made up by flex time, but the BOE has disallowed Bloom’s use of flex time too.

The Monongalia County Board of Education is that asinine. And long has been.

That the Monongalia County BOE is a repugnant joke is to put things too lightly.

The BOE either doesn’t realize or doesn’t care that this obstinate opposition to Commissioner Bloom is a public relations disaster for them. They are acting like vengeful bullies, and these bullies are being unmasked very publicly by their own iron-gloved hands.

The absolute contempt by the BOE that is being shown to the public, and to one of the public’s important election decisions, is impressive, though customary.

Anyone with a brain, and with some semblance of sanity, can understand the unusual and great benefit to high school students of having a school counselor (or teacher or other mentor) who is also an elected official. An elected official daily on the schoolgrounds in continuous contact with students brings a lot of extra experience and knowledge and even eventual networking opportunities to thousands of young people who are growing into their various roles in the community and country.

In relentlessly acting against Tom Bloom, the BOE is acting against the County Commission, against the public, and against its own students. The BOE is cutting off the students’ noses to spite its popular employee who has the great merit of being elected to public office. Such BOE bullying shows absolute disregard, callousness, and ignorance toward the public and toward the high school students’ well-being, though the BOE constantly cries the opposite.

When did the BOE ever raise a public objection to candidate Tom Bloom as he ran for office, with the expressed intention of working as high school counselor and serving as public official if elected? Commissioner Bloom did not sneak up on the BOE. Instead, the two-faced BOE is constantly sneaking around on the public, not least in still refusing to podcast or televise its regular public meetings.

And what has happened to even the pretense of the BOE’s willingness both to work well with various public bodies and to bring the larger community into the schools for the benefit of its students? The BOE has repeatedly shown that it cannot be taken at its word. Its actions speak much louder. Pretty BOE words matched by odious BOE deeds. The BOE sneaks around as much as possible, and when sneaking around out of sight is not possible, the BOE swiftly jumps to bullying to push around Tom Bloom and many others.

Though hugely unfortunate, all of this BOE bullying against Tom Bloom is good to see so prominently displayed, because it shows the manner in which the BOE typically bullies its employees and other constituents and interests, otherwise often far more removed from the public eye. This is why the BOE regular meetings should be publicly podcast online or broadcast on TV. So many more of these BOE bullying maneuvers and actions would be made visible, the airing of which can help give rise to change to stop the ignorant, wrong, and destructive BOE behavior.

Much more could be said, and reported, as it has been repeatedly at this weblog.

3 Responses to “Asinine: The Monongalia County Board Of Education”

  1. arden Says:

    Questions and eyebrows raised: What IS the Mon. BOE trying to prove? Have they no sense of community? Why are they singling out Tom Bloom, a recent winner of WV Counselor of the Year?

    In addition, “personal” days do NOT have to be designated for specific reasons! Hundreds of employees take them for trips, mental health, etc.! If we had to designate them, then it would refer back to “sick leave”. This example by the BOE (singling out Bloom) is setting precedence: Are ALL employees taking personal leave going to have to produce “a doctor’s excuse”? That is what sick days are for! They do not even make BOE employees show Dr. excuses until after 3 (?) days of leave in a row, as I recall.

    You make excellent points! Would you consider sending this to the Dominion-Post (another anti-teacher pro-Devo and Co. group)?

    Is there a way we can send out messages (Facebook, etc.) to gain membership to this excellent source ( increase membership and community recognition? I am more than willing to help out with such an effort!

    Mon. teacher

    • newcommunityschool Says:

      Regarding outreach and networking, the “Share” button with Facebook, email, Twitter, and print options is located at the end of each post. On the bottom left sidebar I’ve added a “Follow Blog via Email” option. I’ve long thought that a blog like this would function well as part of a larger independent newspaper, news center, or news site.

  2. Becky Benson Bailey Says:

    This is just absurd, do they not realize how stupid they are making themselves look? Tom Bloom is a respected guidance counselor in this community, who was mine, my friends and all my friends children. He is an asset to this community when it comes to young people and everyone else, this constant bullying by the BOE because they didn’t get their way is ludicrous, this man has sworn to serve and protect our community and even before being elected he has done that for 30+ years, are you people kidding me??? And a shout out to the Dominion Post, apparently Devono has you in his back pocket, there is much more important news that could be shared with the world, Tom Bloom does not need to be on your attack list or in your stupid paper every day, hey lets do something really cool and report news that is actually important instead of picking on an honest man who has dedicated every day of his adult life to shaping and molding our children and giving back to this community, you people need a wake up call, I wish all you idiots were elected officials so we could vote you out of the high horses you seem to have found yourself on top of, SHAME ON YOU!!!!

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