Nuts! The Dominion Post Editorial


Today, the Dominion Post goes again into hysterics over County Commissioner Tom Bloom, in its editorial, “Maybe, he’s just a late Bloomer.” The DP editorialists detach from their five senses, which surely most people can see, the line of attack is so bonkers. It’s self critiquing that way. A lot of DP editorials are ridiculous or petty or petulant or wrong but these editorials against County Commissioner Tom Bloom take that dreck and ineptitude to another level. The editorials go from pathetic and comical to paranoid and unhinged. It’s pitiful and malignant, sick and sad, and amazingly ridiculous. The Dominion Post. Go figure.

Commissioner Tom Bloom must be doing something right, if the DP is constantly losing its marbles over his slightest acts. We may expect to see in a future editorial something along these lines:

“Commissioner Bloom coughed and sneezed after the Pledge of Allegiance. Holy Moly! It’s an outrage! How dare he! We would never do such a thing. Far be it from us to sneeze after the Pledge of Allegiance! The county taxpayers deserve better! No sneezing!”

In actual news, yesterday, the County Sheriff answered in the affirmative to the question posed by County Commissioner Tom Bloom: “Do you believe there was any intent to mislead the Office of School Finance or the West Virginia Department of Education by any Commissioner or representative of the Monongalia County School system”?

“Yes,” the Sheriff answered, in his fact-finding report, a governmental “intent to deceive.” But the Dominion Post has no editorial about the Sheriff’s report or about any official “intent to deceive.” Quite the opposite. Instead, the Dominion Post finds the very next day to be a good time to go nuts in attacking County Commissioner Tom Bloom as an official who is “wilt[ing]” early in his tenure as a County Commissioner, an attack against the county official who asked the question and who is primarily responsible for getting any light shed at all via law enforcement fact-finding on an official “intent to deceive.”

Stupidly, the Dominion Post editorial states:

“No one is ready to call on Bloom to admit he is unable to fulfill his duties as commissioner, yet.”

It appears that Commissioner Tom Bloom is fulfilling his duties only too well. Much too well for the comfort of the Dominion Post.

Commissioner Tom Bloom dared to inquire about possible official improprieties. The Sheriff’s report answers Commissioner Bloom’s question in the affirmative. The Dominion Post goes nuts attacking Commissioner Bloom.

We should have to pay good money for the kind of comedy writing that Bloom compels out of the Dominion Post. The Dominion Post editorialists appear sick with a lot of sociopathic ideas, but the resultant writing froths and churns, borderline maniacally, in a farce heightened by its own cluelessness. The editorial is inadvertently self-damning, self-critiquing. So we may as well let it rot in peace.

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One Response to “Nuts! The Dominion Post Editorial”

  1. arden Says:

    Bravo! I only wish the Dope-Post would print this! They are the so anti-freedom-of-the-press! Such a travesty!

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